You’re Welcome!


I recently got this email from one of our doctors. If you don’t believe me about the opportunity here at Comfort Dental, please read Dr. Weir’s comments.

From: Dr. Ben Weir, S. Powers, Colorado Springs office
Date: Mon, Nov 16, 2015

Rick and Cindy,

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your generosity in allowing us to stay at your home in Kansas City. It was my first time to the area and we had a great time. We golfed two of the three days and on the final night we went to the BYU/Missouri game at Arrowhead Stadium. It was great to have such a nice place to come back to after a long day of playing. We also managed to do plenty of relaxing and football watching in your theater room. I value the relationships that I have formed with the Comfort Dental docs over the years and this was another great opportunity to get to know some of the guys better.

I never dreamed that my association with Comfort Dental would be this rewarding. A little over six years ago when I was looking into Comfort Dental I felt like the sales pitch was too good to be true. Rarely in life do such sales pitches live up to their billing, but fortunately for me, this was the exception. My time with Comfort has far exceeded any of my original expectations. Thank you for all that you have done to provide these great opportunities to me and my family.

Dr. Ben Weir

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