The Re-Exam


This analysis was done by 5-year Comfort Dental Longmont partner Aaron Mortensen. It is tremendous, I am so proud of Aaron and his analysis and there is not much for me to add except this in way of introduction: New patient flow at Comfort Dental typically begins in the 200-400 per month range for the first couple of years of the practice then settles over the next few years to around 50-75% of this original level. We now have well over 100 practices to review this pattern and it is quite irrefutable. My response, when a partner comments about reduced new patient flow in an aging practice has always been something like, “Yes but you have 20,000 OLD PATIENTS who still have lots of dentistry to do”. SOOOO, I was thrilled to see Aaron’s analysis confirm what I’ve always believed with such clarity. This stuff is as good as it gets especially when compared to the useless pool of practice management advice we have all been exposed to forever. ENJOY and LEARN.

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