2 Unsolicited Testimonials


The following are 2 unsolicited testimonials that I feel will be enjoyable and helpful to you. The first is from a graduating dental student who became a partner candidate and is now an incoming Comfort Dental partner. The second is from a 3-year Comfort Dental veteran partner who is a former “corporate dentistry” employee. Again, please enjoy.

Hello Dr. Kushner,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to attend your Comfort Dental Partnership Conference. My name is TN, the student from Nebraska, and I appreciate the all-expenses paid trip. It would have been nearly impossible for me to attend the conference without the assistance.

At Nebraska we get a very good education, especially in business management. Between me and you, I’ve learned way more about “common sense” practice management in two days than I have in our two semesters of practice management class. I’m learning even more reviewing the “lean and mean” materials that you made available to me.

It became evident to me that you’re offering more than a way to make money. You are offering an amazing learning experience. One that will simultaneously help so many people in need, by making dentistry available and affordable. I have wasted a lot of time listening to people that are trying to sell me on associateships and “corporate dentistry” as an employee. Your conference helped me make sense of the dental world and its flaws.

I’m like you in the sense that my parents also didn’t get a good education, but they wanted the world for me and my siblings. They worked hard, so that I can be successful. I’ll be a dentist soon, and I want to make an impact on peoples lives. People like my parents who had very little. I know I can do that with Comfort Dental.

Dr. DN, from Kansas City, has said nothing but great things about Comfort Dental and I am planning on visiting their office in the next few weeks. They have invited me out there for dinner, so that I may meet the dentist that plans on opening the Overland Park practice. As I have mentioned to you, I am very interested in your partnership opportunities in Omaha, NE and Overland Park, KS. I have emailed Drs. K and Y from the Omaha office as well.

Anyway, sorry about the long email. Tell Mrs. Kushner that I enjoyed speaking to her and Dr. T. I hope you have a great week.

Sincerely, TN

Hi Rick,
I just wanted to say thank you because I haven’t yet taken the opportunity to do so. Coming from working in a true “corporate” environment right out of dental school for a year or two before I joined CD, I have gained a much greater appreciation for Comfort Dental than I would have coming on board right out of school. “Corporate Dentistry” wanted me to be an “owner doctor” in Las Vegas. They even built a brand new practice which was slated to have my name on it. Fortunately for me, I came to my senses when my friend MM talked to me about his experience with Comfort Dental. I listened to your CD’s, looked at several offices, and never looked back. That was 3 years ago.
Shortly after I moved to Parker a brand new “Corporate Dentistry” office opened up here in town. Coincidence? Who knows, but thanks to a solid system that works, I’m not sweating it! Instead of 70 plus percent overhead, partners that rotate through faster than new patients can come back for a continuing care exam, and paying managers that manage managers, we’re keeping overhead low and profits high.
One of the biggest differences for me personally is being able to present financial arrangements and be flexible in helping those that truly need it. I am ashamed to say that I had to turn away numerous patients that were in a great deal of pain in my previous situation. Because they couldn’t pay, I wasn’t “allowed” to cut them a break or arrange a financial agreement. And it’s no wonder they couldn’t pay when we were charging $1000 plus for a crown! I’m happy to report that in the last 3 years I haven’t turned away one person, and I sleep better at night (partly because my conscience is clean, and partly because I’m exhausted.)

Being a part of CD has blessed my life. Dental school and practice debt are debilitating, but have been more than manageable thanks to the Comfort Dental system/philosophy and 3 great partners. Rockies and Broncos tickets are a nice perk too.

A Sincere Thanks,

Comfort Dental SR

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