The Keys to Dental Success: Part 2


Keys to Dental Success: Part 2

4. Collect fees and keep overheads in order

We collect the fees in advance and are well-managed to have overheads between 35-45%. We average in the low 40’s to maintain this system and earn properly.


5. Bread and Butter Dentistry

Currently, there are only 7 spa practices left in the country. Three out of four new patients come to the dentists’ office for disease control, aka periodontics dentistry. Here at Comfort Dental, we call it Bread and Butter dentistry and that’s what we do best.


  1. Great video. I just got accepted to dental school and am looking into my options of what to do in four years, and Comfort Dental seems like a viable option. I was wondering from the video, Comfort Dental averages in the low 40s on overhead. Is that 40K or is that 40% of the revenue goes to paying for overhead? And what are normal overheads for a dentist practicing on his/her own?

    • Rick Kushner

      Glad you enjoyed the video, Brent! 40% overhead refers to 40% of total collections is used to operate the office. It includes such items as rent, staff salaries, lab fees, supplies, marketing, and utilities. In other words, the Doc takes home 60% of what she collects.

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