The Corporate Dentistry Boogeyman


Hi gang, this is our first written blog by me, Dr. Rick Kushner, founder President, CEO of Comfort Dental, the most successful organization in dentistry.  I am the anti-Dentist, the re-thinker of Dental Practice continuously for 40 years.  In this space, we will cover lots of the greatest practice management concepts ever conceived along with a good bit of promotion for our Comfort Dental opportunity.

I thought we would talk some about corporate dentistry, which seems to be everyone’s boogeyman, and explore how it all came about.  It is appropriate for me since we here at Comfort Dental are so often confused with and lumped together with “corporate dentistry” while we are, in truth, far more akin to traditional private practice than corporate dentistry.  Hell, we are more akin to traditional dentistry than traditional dentistry is today!  You will learn why and how in the months to come.

The misconception is perpetuated by the ignorant, often dental school instructors (DSIs), who often seem to think they know more about Comfort Dental than I do.  We get it:  To the ignorant, from afar, we look the same . . . a chain of dental offices with the same name . . . AHA corporate dentistry.  Actually, what we’ve done here at Comfort Dental is capture the best of BOTH worlds.  We have all the marketing advantages of ingenious branding in (now) 12 US markets, 350 owner/partner Dentists and the immense economies of scale that accompany this.  AND we have retained ownership-by-the-Doctor allowing him/her management decisions and responsibility while earning 2-3 times the average dentist AS THEY SHOULD.  But enough about that for now.  There will be lots more to come.

Whose fault is the corporate dentistry thing?  How did this happen to our profession?  What has caused dentists to spend 8 years of the best times of their lives in intense education sacrificing all the while, dive $350,000 (or more) into debt for their dental education, and then take JOBS for $100,000 per year if they’re lucky?  Did the market cause this?  Did the government?  Was it me, Dr. Lean & Mean?  Did our dental schools cause it?  Was it dental insurance?  Did our patients cause corporate dentistry?  Sorry, it was none of the above.  So what or who did put us in the corporate dentistry quagmire?  I’ll tell you next time.  Thanks for your attention.  You won’t regret it.  rk

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  1. jamie bumbac

    Who caused Corporate Dentistry? One word…Greed. The idea that people need more and more and more, and feel the need to “one-up” the next guy, combined with wanting to make millions of dollars via healthcare has lead to corporate dentistry. Simple as that. No one asks “should we do it?” but rather “can I do it?”. Corporate dentistry is the bastardization of what the forefathers of dentistry worked so hard to get us to. A respected profession based on care of patients and relationships with patients, rather than bottom-line, mega-dollar thinking that runs most of dentistry today. We took a great profession and flushed it down the toilet with Greed…simple as that. All you need to do is ask what the public thinks of us. We used to be as highly respected as physicians, but now are as respected as used-car salesmen. Sad but true.

  2. Its so refreshing to hear, the opinions expressed by Rick and the reply by Jamie Bumbac, I could have written it myself.!!
    I’m have 4 practices (and 50000 patients on our books) in Cairns Australia run on similar principals to Comfort Dental based on Honesty, integrity and affordable bread and butter dentistry. I would like to expand that ethos around Austalia before corporate dentistry run by greedy accountants only interested in short term profits takes over but new graduates are brain washed into believing, C & B and implants is the future for dentistry. I would interested in a partnership that brings Comfort Dental’s expertise to Australia

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